The Inaugural Reclaim Roundup

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News from January, 2022

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We're excited to bring you the first installment of the Reclaim Roundup, our monthly newsletter collecting all the work that's been done by and around Reclaim! This January, Reclaim has a lot of updates and much to share.

Monthly Announcements

De-provisioning CloudLinux, Goodbye to Checks, and a New MSA

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Goodbyes and Hellos!

The start of 2022 meant a number of big changes at Reclaim, where we said a lot of goodbyes and hellos. We began the process of de-provisioning CloudLinux on all of our servers to move applications where we can better support them in Reclaim Cloud, moved away from accepting checks in our new payment policies, and updated our Master Services Agreement (all right, this one was in December, but we're still going to count it).

Please Welcome... Custom Installers!

Image of 7 diskettes for installing an old computer program
Installation Diskettes

Custom installers are now available! We're inviting developers in the community to share their work using custom one-click installers for their applications, which will in turn be available to more than 200 institutions and all 11,000+ Shared Hosting users. Lauren talked about the decision process behind this on her blog - check it out. Do you have an application you want the world to know about? Submit your work right here.

Community Chat

And, of course, we hosted our first Community Chat. Our Community Instructional Technologist Taylor was joined by almost fifty admins from Domain of One's Own schools and other guests to talk about fostering and recognizing collaboration and creativity in a school's community. We have a video, check it out!

Taylor also reflected on his experience creating the site tool that was the springboard for the conversation and leading the discussion – you can read that on his blog here.

January Community Chat
Yesterday, Reclaim Hosting had its first “Community Chat” and I got to host it. The chat was focused around a site template I put together that is intended to help Domains admins showcase the work students, staff, and faculty are doing on their campus. The idea of making tools to build community aro…

We'll be hosting another Community Chat, "State of Reclaim!", on February 9th, about what Reclaim's been cooking up for 2022, including updates from different groups and news about the burgeoning Instructional Technology division at Reclaim as well as a re-invigorated return to the dream of a Domains API...

Community Chat - February 9th, 2022
We are calling the next Community Chat “State of Reclaim!” This chat will be an overview of what we have been busy with at the start of the new year at Reclaim Hosting, as well as what we are looking ahead toward. In this community chat, we’ll hear from the various groups at Reclaim about what they…

Interested? You can keep up with Taylor's updates in the announcement forum, and register to join us by filling out this form. We'll be excited to see you!


Next Monday, February 7th, Jim will be joining a Roundtable at the NYC Digital Humanities Week Event to talk about "Supporting Digital Humanities" alongside Jennifer Serventi and Moacir de Sá Pereira.

Image of a graphic visualizing a cloudlet in Reclaim Cloud with an arrow saying "It's self-contained"
Reclaim Cloud is self-contained!

In addition, on Tuesday, February 8th at 8 AM EST we'll be running a two-hour demonstration/workshop titled "Containing DH: How to Use Docker to Run Just About Anything:"

This session with be a demonstration of how to use Docker in Reclaim Cloud to run just about any application on the web. It will be interactive in that after the initial demonstration we will be taking requests from the audience to install those hard to run applications in order to model the process. Come to this session if you want to get your Digital Humanities project up and running without the need of an IT department.

Recent Blog Posts

It has been a good month for the blog at Reclaim Hosting, who said the blog was dead?

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Blogging is not dead yet!
Thank You, BYU Domains – Lauren Hanks
2014 Image of a white board outlining the visions for a container-based Domains API
2014 Image of a white board outlining the visions for a container-based Domains API
Custom Application Installers at Reclaim Hosting – Lauren Hanks
  • Live Streaming is finding its way into Reclaim's culture more and more recently, and Taylor demonstrates this beautifully with his stream on how to spin up Foundry Virtual Table Top in Reclaim Cloud, as well as sharing his discovery of mapping a storage container to Foundry in order to access files while the Docker container is running.  
Foundry Virtual Tabletop on Reclaim Cloud and Learning about Docker - Stream Archive
Yesterday I did a little stream over on sort of documenting what I learned getting Foundry Virtual Tabletop set up on Reclaim Cloud. I learned a great deal about the idiosyncrasies of different Docker containers, mapping extra storage containers, etc.Recording is below!
Taylor streams his process of spinning up Foundry Virtual Table Top in Reclaim Cloud
  • Learning in Reclaim Cloud has been a theme this month, and Meredith documented her experience of migrating an outdated Mattermost instance to a new, updated container. It points to a new era of cross-team collaboration and highlights just how much learning and professional development remain germane to the Reclaim experience.
Reclaim Cloud Training: Mattermost
One of my goals for 2022 is to spend some more focused time learning as much as I can on Reclaim Cloud. I’ve realized more (more now lately) that I am completely new to this mystical “C…
  • And in his usual sanctimonious style, Jim gets righteous about instructional technology when imagining the future of edtech at Reclaim Hosting. If you can look beyond the aging EDUPUNK, there is real energy and possibility in the prospect of weaving edtech into the fabric of our work at Reclaim more intentionally.
Reclaim EdTech | bavatuesdays
Reclaim EdTech!
Video tutorial for spinning Up Ghost in Reclaim Cloud

There's even a followup on how to update your instance once you've got it running.

What's more, this Newsletter is being publishing using Ghost on Reclaim Cloud, and Jim provides more details for setting environmental variables for a Docker for anyone interested in exploring this tool:

Setting Environmental Variables for a Ghost Docker Container in Reclaim Cloud | bavatuesdays

As well as documenting a look at Configuring Email for Ghost through Mailgun so this blogging engine can double as a robust newsletter service:

Configuring Email for a Ghost Docker Container on Reclaim Cloud | bavatuesdays

New Support Documentation

Throughout January our Support team has been looking at various ways to improve your digital life. Gordon's recent article, How to Set Up Directory Privacy in cPanel, covers setting up password-protected directories so that you can make sure that only users who you want looking at those directories have access.

Directory privacy is very important to us

Anyone who's worked with Installatron knows the feeling of waiting for a task to complete. But for when a task goes on just a little too long, Paul's written this article, Aborting a Task in Installatron.

GIF of woman saying "Abort! Abort!"
Abort an Installatron Task!

Are you a WordPress Multisite admin? Meredith and Gordon have you covered, with three new articles: Accessing the WordPress Multisite Network Admin Dashboard, Running Updates in WordPress Multisite, and Accessing Sites Within the WordPress Multisite Network Admin Dashboard.


For Domain of One's Own admins who are looking to grow, Lauren has an update on what it means when you're Managing Multiple DoOO Servers. And for DoOO admins and anyone else managing a cPanel server, you may want to know what to do when AutoSSL starts sending you error emails - check out AutoSSL: "Potentially reduced SSL coverage" Errors, by Meredith.

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Litespeed Ahead!

Anyone working in Reclaim Cloud might be interested in Resetting Litespeed Admin User Passwords, by Lauren, or Installing PeerTube using Docker on Reclaim Cloud, brought to you by Jim.

GIF of woman saying "Security!"

And for anyone who's working on migrating their work between servers, or just interested in knowing a little more about SSH, Goutam has written External Server Access via SSH - go take a look.

Thanks so much for reading. You rock! And if you aren't subscribed yet and you want to be, you can always do that right here at the Roundup.

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